About Scott Yancey

About Scott Yancey

What is Scott Yancey Events?

  • 668 Employees
  • 9,855 Events Held
  • 624,628 Clients Served

Numbers as of November 2014

  • All 50 US States
  • All of Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Guam
  • Australia
  • Barbados
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Bermuda
  • United Kingdom
Hold Portfolio$21,900,000 in Residential

$19,327,000 in Commercial

1,605 Tax Liens

*Real Estate is held by company or its owner/operators

Bought and Flipped

$166,800,000 in Properties Sold

$203,800,000 in Notes Sold

10,550 Tax Liens Sold

$205,500,000 in Loans Funded

Numbers as of November 2014  3rd Party Audited, Documented, and Verified

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Real Estate Educational opportunities

Scott Yancey Events is an education company that teaches thousands of students every year to unlock the secrets of real estate investing. Scott and Amie Yancey have developed Scott Yancey Events and seminars to give potential investors hands-on experiences, resources, and educational opportunities in these core areas:

  • Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Tax Liens & Tax Deeds
  • Multiple Income Streams

Our number one priority is the success of our students. By giving one-on-one attention to every individual who joins our program and providing them ongoing opportunities to succeed, we have created a truly exceptional experience that always passes the Scott Yancey review. Come find out for yourself for no charge. Scott Yancey Events offers live preview events all over the country where you can learn how to start investing, the different areas of real estate investing, and learn the same techniques Scott Yancey uses. Our trained professionals have a great wealth of knowledge that can help you on your way to success.

We also invite you to visit our testimonial section to see what our students are saying about their experiences with Scott Yancey Events. If you feel you can learn from professionals in the industry and expand your understanding on the evolving market check out the Scott Yancey Events page to register for an event near you. Scott Yancey Events is a managing member of Yancey LLC.

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Marketing Address

Scott Yancey Events

PO Box 82556,

Las Vegas, NV 89180

Phone: 877-215-1447

Email: support@yanceyevents.com


Who Is Scott Yancey?

Scott Yancey never been one for the passenger seat. Whether he’s driving one of his high-performance cars on a race track or driving a smart real estate investment forward, he’s always most comfortable with his hands on the steering wheel.  As a Real Estate professional, and published author, Scott started investing in real estate before he could legally drive. Scott did his first real estate deal at the early age of only 14!  He purchased a small second trust deed on a home in Studio City, California that earned 14% interest.  While most kids his age were more focused on BMX bikes and video games, Scott was busy earning money for his first car. Scott eventually used the interest he earned to help buy his first car, a Mustang. Scott Yancey learned before most kids his age that as a real estate investor, “Your money works for you.”

When Scott went off to college he got a job as a runner for a very successful real estate investment company.  His boss, Walter J. Plumb III, told Scott something he has always remembered.  Walter told Scott, “The last three runners that worked for me all became millionaires.”  Scott didn’t quite understand or believe what he said, as Walter only used him to collect documents, bank deposits, and other odds and ends.  It wasn’t until Walter pulled Scott aside one day and suggested that he get his real estate license, take an apartment building he owned, convert it to condominiums and then sell the units with his real estate license. A suggestion was all that was needed, Scott not only got his license but made so much money his first year that he quit his college career and focused on real estate full-time.

Scott is still grateful to Walter who he no longer calls his boss, but now his friend, mentor, and partner in Real Estate deals, even to this day. Working for years with Walter and Jon D. Quitiquit, another real estate mentor, Scott gained considerable expertise in buying land, subdividing it and selling thousands of lots to large home builders.  As the next real estate boom ramped up, Scott went out on his own with Walter and Jon as his investor/partners. With this new program, he was able to flip land deals and sell lots to developers and builders for major profits.

Along came 2007 and things started to change with the market cooling off quickly, if not overnight. Scott describes it as, ‘The sky fell”. Although they were highly successful in their real estate ventures, Scott talked to his wife Amie and they decided to heed the warning signs that builders were slowing down buying his lots and building homes and to leave the Real Estate market completely for a while. The plan was to take a few years off and enjoy their home in Cabo San Lucas until the market came back. That plan was well underway. However, just before the big move south of the border, fate stepped in. Scott was at a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf near his home in Summerlin, NV when he overheard a conversation. At the next table, the discussion revolved around the Las Vegas real estate market and the fact that there were homes available to buy for as little as $36,000 that would rent out for $900/month. Just hearing those two numbers put Scott’s real estate brain into gear. Two things came to his mind immediately, “You make your money on the buy in real estate” and “fortunes are made in bad economies.” Scott’s real estate interest was piqued by the numbers, much more than sitting on a Mexican beach.

He did some investigating and found that these kinds of deals were available in large numbers in the local market. What Scott and Amie had been considering the ‘good times’ was simply a different market that had different profit opportunities. This new market offered up amazing potential for profits in buying real estate at the bottom, rehabbing, flipping, and holding rental properties. Scott Yancey had almost missed the biggest real estate ‘sale’ in history by thinking of his business life as a single road to profits. Since then, Scott and Amie have experienced a large measure of success in many aspects of real estate in Las Vegas, Nevada and other cities and states across the country. Finding, remodeling, and flipping properties is a highly lucrative venture. However, lucrative isn’t the only way to describe flipping houses. The renovation stories that come along with the high volume of flips turns out to be very entertaining.

A&E Network Television became interested in what Scott Yancey Events was doing and asked Scott and Amie to star in a television series spotlighting his real estate talents. This led to Scott creating and becoming an executive producer of his hit TV series Flipping VegasIt turns out that having a husband-wife team on the program clearly creates a synergy that attracts an audience of millions of viewers and an overwhelmingly positive response to Flipping Vegas season after season.

What is Scott Yancey Events?

Since Scott has built a reputation of success in real estate, he has taken on some new ventures. He has followed his passion of giving back and helping others. Scott has partnered with non-profit charitable organizations that provide homes for servicemen and women who have been wounded in combat while serving their country. Scott has also joined forces with some of the most prominent industry leaders to share insights into the world of real estate investing.

Scott began to develop The Scott Yancey Events to help educate any potential investor interested in the real estate industry. Scott and Amie shared the desire to assist those who wanted to learn more about real estate. They wanted to share the techniques of their success with others. After heavy involvement in the education programs Scott Yancey eventually wrote and published a book called GO TIME, another tool to aid the beginning investor. Out of all this, Scott Yancey Events will tell you that one of the most important aspects of real estate investing is “there is always a deal, but knowing what you are doing is key to making money” regardless of what shape the market is in.

Because of their extensive experience, Scott and Amie Yancey have become dedicated to mentoring and teaching other aspiring entrepreneurs the ins and outs of real estate investing.  The Scott Yancey Events team’s span the nation offering educational training Scott Yancey Events seminars from experienced teachers designed to help people get a leg up in the real estate investment world.

More About Scott Yancey Review

About Scott YanceyIn introducing prospective investors to the world of real estate, Scott Yancey does review, along with his trainers, valuable strategies that are designed to help them find success in real estate. While the experiences of these individuals may vary, Scott and Amie Yancey feel strongly about what they teach, and are actively practicing what they share with their students. For Scott and Amie, their student’s success is important. Understanding how it feels to be in a spot where one feels like they aren’t going anywhere, Scott and Amie want others to know how they can find what they’re looking for through real estate investing.

Scott has learned much over the course of his investing career, and knows that nothing is without risk. However, as Scott Yancey will review with his team of trainers, it is possible for those who are willing to apply the right education from the right mentor to see returns in real estate. Just as Scott and Amie Yancey make a dynamic team to help teach what they know to others, they want their students to be a part of it as they go on to have their own real estate experience.

Scott and Amie Yancey are here to show why they love what they do, and how they see returns in doing it. Scott is a firm believer that people should find joy in what they do, and so he and Amie are now devoting much of their time to helping others find financial peace and happiness with the added income provided by real estate. Attending one of the Scott Yancey Events could very well mark the beginning of an incredible real estate experience.

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The company works with affiliates and strategic partners who comply with the highest business standards and customer support.  Our affiliated companies include: BuyPD, LLC;  Real Estate Education Group; Response Marketing Group, LLC; Veil Corporate, LLC; and Insider’s Cash, LLC.  Our strategic partner is Safe Guard Tax, LLC. Scott Yancey is a managing member of Yancey LLC.