Scott Yancey seminar expectations

In anticipation of our upcoming Scott Yancey Seminar, we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect from the event.

  1. Top Real Estate Investment Teachers – During the event, you will be addressed by some of the leading real estate investors in the country. They are top notch speakers that will not only captivate your attention throughout the event, but will teach you how to achieve the results they themselves have achieved.
  1. Real Estate Investing options – Many investors can feel trapped in one stream of thinking when it comes to Real Estate, that there is only one way to achieve a return on your investments. At our education events you will learn multiple ways to invest and the best practices for each scenario.
  1. Hands on Learning Environment – We don’t want to just talk at you, we want you to be actively involved in the learning process. During the event we will have hands on opportunities for you to learn and get the most out of your instruction.

We are excited to see you there!  Bring paper, a pen and a thirst to learn how you can improve your lifestyle and financial future.

Upcoming Training Events


At the free preview event, many of our students are surprised to find out how realistic and easy real estate investing can be. Our real estate instructors open up the door of possibilities for you, sharing insights on how they themselves have successfully invested in real estate and how you can apply those strategies to your situation. You will be invited to learn from the rich treasure trove of knowledge these experts have to share, so you too, can get your start in the world of real estate investing. Register to attend the Preview event.

3 Day Workshop

Real Estate investing often requires a paradigm shift. The 3 day workshop starts out by helping students shift their mind set to an attitude of success and change of behavior. With this new outlook on investing, you will be ready to internalize the real estate investing strategies you will learn and apply them to your investing activities. The content from this workshop comes from the most credible specialists in the industry who teach you about the current market conditions and how to best approach the field. As part of the event, each student will have the opportunity to sit down with a personalized consultant for individualized attention. Register to attend the 3-Day Workshop.

Boots on the Ground


Many of our students want to jump right in and “hit the ground running.” The Boots on the Ground training program is designed to help you do just that; get your boots on the ground so you can take off.  For 3-days students meet in a small group or one-on-one with a successful real estate expert and get hands on experience with what it is like to become the real estate investor they want to be. The event is so hands on that you will even go on-site to a property and walk through it with the Boots Trainer. You will learn how to find an agent, how to place ads, how to source properties, how to use other people’s money efficiently and much more. Register to attend the Boots on the Ground Training.

Boots on the Ground Trainer Qualifications

Boots on the Ground trainers are selected and trained from among the top real estate investing talent in the industry. These individuals have not merely mastered the nuts and bolts of investing in real estate, but have also proven their ability to passionately communicate information about real estate to others. Some of our trainers literally started as a Boots on the Ground student themselves and have excelled at implementing the strategies they learned into their own investing practices. All of the trainers have completed successful real estate transactions and are able to aptly teach the strategies they use to our students.

While it would be impossible to create a single profile that communicates the specialized skills of every Boots on the Ground trainer, the following are the minimum qualifications you can expect a trainer to have:

  • Each of our trainers must attend and complete our comprehensive real estate training program.  This program is a complete review and certification of all aspects of our proprietary investing strategies.
  • The trainers have personally completed multiple real estate transactions, which use all of our taught disciplines, such as, rental properties, flipping (buy/fix/sell), multi-family dwellings, wholesaling and retailing.
  • Trainers are required to attend  monthly training sessions conducted by a rotating team of top industry professionals.
  • A majority of our trainers earned a four (4) year bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and have several years of actual real estate experience.
  • Our trainers must maintain a minimum student satisfaction average score of 4.7 on a scale of 1 to 5 where 4=good and 5=excellent.

In requiring these certifications, our goal is to use only the most qualified and knowledgeable trainers.  This allows us to stand by our education and provide the best student experience available.

The Buying Summit

Buy summit seminar video

The Las Vegas Buying Summit is the most popular real estate investment education event in the county. Every month, hundreds of investors attend this 3-day event and take their investing to a whole new level. Never before has anyone delivered the quality of education and access to resources that we do at the Buying Summit. When you attend, you’ll also get to meet personally with vendors who can grant you access to turn-key investment properties, real estate cash flow notes, tax lien certificates, asset protection experts, entity setup professionals, self-directed retirement account specialists and more. Register to attend the Buying Summit.

Inner Circle

Are you ready to elevate your investing experience and training to the next level? The Inner Circle training is the logical next step to make that happen! In this multi-day training, you will get training and experience in attracting buyers and sellers, acquisition strategies, selling and disposition strategies and ways to fund your deals.

Inner Circle Trainer Qualifications

Our Inner Circle trainers are a hand-selected team of real estate investing professionals who have demonstrated particular skills in communicating the information and passion necessary to assist students in launching their own successful real estate business. Working closely as a team enables each trainer to benefit from the expertise of their fellow team members. Not only does this benefit each of their businesses, but it also pays big dividends for the students whom they instruct. In speaking with Inner Circle trainers you will discover that their greatest reward as a member of the team is hearing about and sharing in the accomplishments of their students. It is this highly empowering environment that enables us to attract and retain the best of the best.

The experience and background of the Inner Circle trainers is broad and diverse. Following is a list of some of the qualifications you can expect from each of the trainers you interact with:

  • Graduate of our comprehensive month-long training.
  • Runs their own active real estate investing business.
  • Participates in multiple weekly training sessions.
  • Many hold industry related licenses (Realtor, broker, mortgage banker, etc.).
  • Passes quarterly testing with excellent marks.
  • Maintains a minimum student satisfaction average score of 4.7 on a scale of 1 to 5 where 4=good and 5=excellent.

On Demand Training

For those investors who are interested in fitting trainings into their own schedule, we offer the following on demand training as well.

Seller Financing Boot Camp

SeminarOn-Demand Training: 3-Day “Seller Financing” Boot Camp – The Seller Financing Boot Camp takes the mystery out of seller financing. Real estate gurus teach you firsthand how to enter and exit a deal, sell notes, qualify a buyer, calculate rates of return, market for seller financing and much more.



Residential Rentals Boot Camp

SeminarOn-Demand Training: 3-Day “Cash Flow Strategies” Boot Camp – This boot camp features intense classroom training on lease options, sandwich leases, commercial properties and mobile home parks. This is your chance to learn cash flow strategies firsthand from real estate gurus!



Quick Cash Boot Camp

SeminarOn-Demand Training: 3-Day “Quick Cash Strategies” Boot Camp – This boot camp focuses on flipping, single family units, assignment of contracts, probates, foreclosures and short sales. Our experts train you on quick cash strategies and outline all the details for professionally executing deals.



Cash Flow Boot Camp

SeminarOn-Demand Training: 3-Day “Residential Rentals” Boot Camp – Learn to thrive as a rental property investor! The “Residential Rentals” Boot Camp teaches you virtually everything you need to know about investing in and managing rental properties in today’s residential market. Our real estate experts cover the nitty-gritty details of finding and financing deals, finding and qualifying tenants, rental contracts, landlord-tenant laws and much more.


PropTrend Real Estate Software:

SeminarAllows you to search, research, map and analyze virtually any property within the United States. Also, it provides detailed information such as education, crime and income on selected property areas through the exclusive Community Profile.